Tools We Use – Beginner Setup Chainsaws 540xp, 550xp, 562xp EP01

Tools We Use – Beginner Setup Chainsaw kit Today were going over the minimum of what you would need for tools to start chainsaw carving. Find out exactly what saws you need and what hand tools. We give the model type, the chainsaw bar and the chain you need, just follow along in the video.

You’re getting the best beginner chainsaw setup up from the top professional chainsaw artists in Canada, you would be surprised how little you need to get started. Saw Models Reccomended: Husqvarna 543xp, 12 Inch Dime tip Husqvarna 550xp, 16 Inch Toonie Tip Husqvarna 562xp, 20 inch Supper Mini Get notified when Episode 2 comes out by clicking the notification bell, next episode will go over our basic hand tool setup.

You can checkout their latest chainsaw artwork made from wood, 100% original carvings here on youtube or one of the methods below!……

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Pro Tip – The Secret of Caring for your Chainsaw Bar

chainsaw bar repair dressing

In this video we show exactly how to fix your chainsaw bar to extend its life, make it usable again and keep it in top shape. We show how to grind the outside edges of the bar and and common mistakes people make. We also show how a bar rail closer works and how that affects the chain on the bar. Watch the video to see full details. Lets us know what you think in the comments, we appreciate your feedback.

2019 (New Tool!) Manpa Multi Cutter tool review – watch it cut white oak like butter.

Manpa Multi Cutter tool review

MANPA Tools established in 1988, produce a series of tools that are based around angle grinder attachments. The Multi cutter is a Safe alternative to Grinder attached cutting devices. The belt drive system allows the head to slip when the situation arises, rather than kicking back and causing potential for injury. In this video we show how to setup and use the multi cutter on a grinder a safer alternative to other attachments. We give a full review of the tool and test it out by carving on White Oak. It cuts like butter. Pickup a cheap grinder like ryobi, milwaukee, dewalt, craftsman or bosch at harbor freight or princess auto an add this cutter to it.

Danger Wheel of Carnage -Angle Grinders DON’T STOP

angle grinder saftey

Please STOP using the angle grinder attachments with Chainsaw wheel! It’s not a question of if , it is just WHEN you will let your guard down and get bit!

Angle grinders do not STOP when you turn them off. They have a lot of inertia and continue to run for several seconds after they are shut off. Also these chains do not have anti kickback. So when this tool kicks back and jumps out of your hand, it will continue to run for 10-30 seconds with a considerable amount of force. That;s a lot of time to rip and tear though meaty fingers, tendons and bone.

Do a search for the Lancelot , King Arthur or Wheel of death. you will see all the carnage this tool causes. If you have to use a tool like this , then use a SAFE alternative like the Manpa Mini cutter. The Manpa mini cutter uses a belt drive for the cutter. By using a belt drive the danger of kickback is eliminated as the belt will slip rather than kickback.

Hopefully this saves another carver from serious injury.

Angle Grinder saftey