Art for Crypto – 8ft Brown bear




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Subject Matter:

Brown Bear

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Northern white pine

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Every Native clan holds animals in different positions but the Anasheebe clan of North America holds the bear as a healer, the bear’s likeness to humans and their role in child-bearing, lead them to be a philosophical symbol of the antithesis between man and beast, and between maiden and mother.
Oppian the poet describes bears as such “clothed in a close and rugged coat of hairb and a form unkindly with unsmiling eyes. Sawtoothed, deadly, and long is their mouth; nose dark, eye keen, ankle swift, body nimble, head broad, hand like the hands of men, feet like men’s feet.”

bear drawing davinci
davinci bear drawing symbolism

Artists Interpretation:

I believe bear and man were made similar on purpose, the bear being the shadow of man, but also to the bear, man being the shadow in his eye. Perhaps that is why they can be healers, family, hunters, parents etc just like us because they are so close to us but also teach us what it means to be human beyond those roles. I carved this piece because I wanted it to represent the strength and healing I want for everyone and in everyone.
I want the observer of my piece to feel strength, purpouse and health as they look upon the bear and I want the bear to watch over those who take care of it.

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