Danger Wheel of Carnage -Angle Grinders DON’T STOP

angle grinder saftey

Please STOP using the angle grinder attachments with Chainsaw wheel! It’s not a question of if , it is just WHEN you will let your guard down and get bit!

Angle grinders do not STOP when you turn them off. They have a lot of inertia and continue to run for several seconds after they are shut off. Also these chains do not have anti kickback. So when this tool kicks back and jumps out of your hand, it will continue to run for 10-30 seconds with a considerable amount of force. That;s a lot of time to rip and tear though meaty fingers, tendons and bone.

Do a search for the Lancelot , King Arthur or Wheel of death. you will see all the carnage this tool causes. If you have to use a tool like this , then use a SAFE alternative like the Manpa Mini cutter. The Manpa mini cutter uses a belt drive for the cutter. By using a belt drive the danger of kickback is eliminated as the belt will slip rather than kickback.

Hopefully this saves another carver from serious injury.

Angle Grinder saftey

Heating Shipping Container, Shop Heating Update

Paul Frenette from the “Carver Kings” on “HGTV” and also “Saw Dogs” the father and son team, explains how we got a wood heating system setup for our shipping containers. We use a wood stove with some crafty building to heat 2 40ft shipping containers and a 20 footer shipping containers.

We are going to be so toasty warm this winter at the shop. We added a heat exchange / Transfer unit to the wood stove and are testing it out today to see how it does heating up the shop. Follow along as we continue to make modifications to our shipping container shop and studio in between working on all the awesome commissions and chainsaw carving projects

Father and son team from Carver Kings
My father and me, son and dad playing around with marking chainsaw bars

Stairway To Heating Shipping Container Shop Expansion Project

carver kings

The next phase for the father son team ‘Carver Kings’ shipping container shop expansion project. Check it out, we cut the passage way between the upper and lower level containers, seal it up with closed cell foam insulation Kit and build a stairway between the levels. Then the Carver Kings modify the wood stove and add a heat transfer unit to extract more heat from the stove exhaust.

Warbler Project Part 3

The Carver Kings continue their warbler carvings with a massive white oak warbler egg. This hard wood behemoth is over 30 inches wide and the tree was over 150 years old. Next up we got 5 robing feet imprints, their little bird feet end up on the top of each hard wood oak log. To finish off this massive warbler playground sculpture park we have 3 relief carvings showing off the different atmospheres you will find a warbler bird in.