How to carve a Wyvern DRAGON Wood Carving in White cedar – Part 1-4 (full series)

dragon wyvern sculpture

Wyvern Definition: wy·vern – /ˈwīvərn/ a winged two-legged dragon with a barbed tail.

Part 1 of dads awesome dragon Wyvern shows him blocking out a nice white cedar cutoff. The Wyvern wood carving is about 3 feet long and was made with chainsaws. You can watch as this piece of wood turns very fast into a nice dragon shape. Watch along to see how dad starts this piece.


Part 2 of dads cool dragon aka wyvern shows him carving out more of the details and shape; you’ll see it come to life with the details. Using power tools and hand tools like die grinders and angle grinders and a practiced artistic hand Paul begins adding more shape and detail to the dragon setting up the shapes for final detail.


Part 3 of dads awesome wyvern beings to show the finer details this is where everything comes together but it is a long proccess that has to bee right. Dad details the scales, horns, claws of the dragon, and his wings you will start to see the finer details of the wyvern.


Part 4 of dads fantastic dragon wyvern shows the finishing details on the legs and chest and spine of the dragon, youll get to see the finished product in this video also. Dad gives the dragon a nice clear coat that brings out all the detail and perfection and also seals and preserves the wood.


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Walleye Fish Carving – White Oak (How to)

walleye fish carving

This project was a commissioned retirement gift, dad chose an awesome piece of white oak for this project, the grain will suit the walleye well. The walleye wood carving is about 2 feet long with some subtle but realistic movement. Keep the monster fish out in the water and instead get a nice wood mount, we have done large scenes with carved fish and coral for both fresh water and salt water scenes. 

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