International Plow Match 2019 , Verner , Ontario IPM

International plow match 2019

For the second time in 102 years, the International Plowing Match & Rural Expo (IPM) was hosted in Northern Ontario in the town of Verner and the Carver Kings put on an amazing chainsaw carving show at the MCK Temiskaming Shores Kubota and Husqvarna dealer booth.

International plow match 2019

The 2019 IPM brought in over 100,000 people to the small farming town of Verner, which has a population of about 960 people. The tented city was an amazing sight to see with approximately 500 vendors offering something for everyone.

Here is just a small part of went on over the week at the 2019 International Plow match

Some of the tools we used in this video

Flap Sander
Merit 350-RP Sand-O-Flex Abrasive Wheel, Round Shank, Aluminum Oxide, 6-1/2″ Diameter x 1″

Merit Resin Bond Refill for 350-RP SCORED Wheel, Aluminum Oxide, Grit 120 (Pack of 1)

Makita GA7021 7″ Angle Grinder, with AC/Dc Switch

IPM 2019 Verner

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The Carver Kings | Warbler White Oak Teaser

Paul and Jacob The Carver Kings, tackle a massive Warbler carving that will be larger than 7′ long and 2′ high. In our video you get a look at the awesome work were doing before getting the project finished. We will release a full video of the project once were all finished up.

In this chainsaw carving you can see us start to take apart the big white oak log, cutting the bottom off and shaping it up closer to be like a warbler. The warbler will be a part of a larger project going down to the USA.

The carver kings paul measuring warbler bird carving
Paul marks out the measurements to match the playground attachments.
slabbing white oak log
Paul free hand slabs the bottom of the white oak log with his husqvarna chainsaw.
white oak slab being pushed by the carver kings
Paul pushed the slab cutoff from the white oak log as he blocks out the warbler bird carving.

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Sea Turtle Larger than Life Carving

Me and Dad tackle a new Earthscape Project heading down to Florida, we carved 3 sea turtles, 2 oysters and a massive star fish. In the video we show how one of the sea turtles was done and im in the background carving for a bit on a bear before working with dad on the turtle details.

We had a fun time making all 3 turtles have their own personalities. The project will be part of a larger project by earthscape. We have lots more projects on the go and coming up. Stay up to date on our social media to get the newest carvings!

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