The Carver Kings | Warbler White Oak Teaser

Paul and Jacob The Carver Kings, tackle a massive Warbler carving that will be larger than 7′ long and 2′ high. In our video you get a look at the awesome work were doing before getting the project finished. We will release a full video of the project once were all finished up.

In this chainsaw carving you can see us start to take apart the big white oak log, cutting the bottom off and shaping it up closer to be like a warbler. The warbler will be a part of a larger project going down to the USA.

The carver kings paul measuring warbler bird carving
Paul marks out the measurements to match the playground attachments.
slabbing white oak log
Paul free hand slabs the bottom of the white oak log with his husqvarna chainsaw.
white oak slab being pushed by the carver kings
Paul pushed the slab cutoff from the white oak log as he blocks out the warbler bird carving.

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