Tools We Use – Beginner Setup Chainsaws 540xp, 550xp, 562xp EP01

Tools We Use – Beginner Setup Chainsaw kit Today were going over the minimum of what you would need for tools to start chainsaw carving. Find out exactly what saws you need and what hand tools. We give the model type, the chainsaw bar and the chain you need, just follow along in the video.

You’re getting the best beginner chainsaw setup up from the top professional chainsaw artists in Canada, you would be surprised how little you need to get started. Saw Models Reccomended: Husqvarna 543xp, 12 Inch Dime tip Husqvarna 550xp, 16 Inch Toonie Tip Husqvarna 562xp, 20 inch Supper Mini Get notified when Episode 2 comes out by clicking the notification bell, next episode will go over our basic hand tool setup.

You can checkout their latest chainsaw artwork made from wood, 100% original carvings here on youtube or one of the methods below!……

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