Amazing Bigger than Life-sized Wizard and pet Owl Sculpture Part 2

Finally we got the second part out for you guys, hope it was worth the wait. We ran into one major issue when we started the wizard. The top 2 feet of the tree had a huge black ant nest inside it eating away at the wood. Luckily The nest was restricted to the top of the tree and once we cut enough away it was good carving wood still. In those situations where a tree is still in the ground we recommend people use some form of borate either in spray or rods to help keep bugs/fungi from opening up the fibers for bugs.

We ended up bringing the owl back to the shop with us to carve separately then we just had to go through the struggling process of attaching pieces. One might think we knew what we were doing because the attachments all went pretty smooth after some messing around. From there it was alot of burning and sanding, a little bit of color added to highlight some key features then just the good old Thompsons water seal Timber oil to finish.

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