Danger Wheel of Carnage -Angle Grinders DON’T STOP

Please STOP using the angle grinder attachments with Chainsaw wheel! It’s not a question of if , it is just WHEN you will let your guard down and get bit!

Angle grinders do not STOP when you turn them off. They have a lot of inertia and continue to run for several seconds after they are shut off. Also these chains do not have anti kickback. So when this tool kicks back and jumps out of your hand, it will continue to run for 10-30 seconds with a considerable amount of force. That;s a lot of time to rip and tear though meaty fingers, tendons and bone.

Do a search for the Lancelot , King Arthur or Wheel of death. you will see all the carnage this tool causes. If you have to use a tool like this , then use a SAFE alternative like the Manpa Mini cutter. The Manpa mini cutter uses a belt drive for the cutter. By using a belt drive the danger of kickback is eliminated as the belt will slip rather than kickback.

Hopefully this saves another carver from serious injury.

Angle Grinder saftey

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