Pirate Carving in Grand Bend, Ontario

Carving, Skeleton, Pirate

This piece was carved by Paul Frenette and Jacob Frenette. One of the unknown Sailors (Bones) from the WexFord, shipwrecked in the great storm of 1913  just off the coast by Grand Bend and Goderich, Ontario.  Bones keeps a weather eye to the horizon for his lost ship and shipmates.
Carving, Pirate, Skeleton

Girl With Dragons

Dragons, Carving, Girl

This sculpture was chainsaw carved by Paul Frenette and Jacob Frenette out of an old growth red cedar log. The piece is of a princess or queen dressed in a robe walking along with dragons. This piece was carved in Chetwynd, BC.



dragons, carving, girl


Carving, Chainsaw, Fairy

This is a fantasy sculpture done by Paul Frenette and Jacob Frenette. I it is of a fairy riding a dung beetle all made out of one old growth cedar tree. This sculpture was carved in Chetwynd BC.
Carving, Chainsaw, Fairy